The secret of the Salt Cave is found in a regenerating path where science and nature meet in the enchantment of an ancient cave carved into the sandstone. This effect is guaranteed by the therapeutic results of Thalassotherapy. The result is nothing short of a small miracle: the body detoxifies and cleanses, while absorbing brand new energy.
Before immersing yourself in the baths, let your body warm up and enjoy the benefits of the bio-sauna inside which you will inhale the typical fragrances of Relais San Maurizio and the Langhe. The aromas of medicinal herbs grown in the monastery’s garden are regularly alternated in each sauna to ensure the beneficial effects of ancient plants and to give SPA visitors a real olfactory journey. (Maximum temperature reached 50 °C)
The cycle of the three baths begins with a high concentration of magnesium. The water from the first pool is heated to a temperature of 35 to 38 degrees Celsius. Next, the second bath is illuminated by a charming window overlooking the vineyards. Here the magnesium density decreases and the concentration of sodium chloride increases. The third swimming pool, conceived for chromotherapy and Kneipp, ends the cycle with particularly rich mineral water: ”monks water”, a special water that springs from underground gravel discovered during renovation work at Relais, and already known by the Cistercian monks for its beneficial properties.


The accumulation of fluid in one or more parts of the body – abdomen, legs, feet and hands – appears as weight gain, heavy feelings in the limbs, and when retention changes, there are obvious manifestations such as cellulite and skin blemishes. What should you do? Thalassotherapy and baths with Dead Sea Salts are particularly suitable for this type of discomfort.
The path is divided into immersion in two baths with differing saline density and takes about 40 minutes (20 + 20) of autonomous path with spontaneous floating phases. Dead Sea salts dissolved in cave baths are composed of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and bromine in high quantities (50 times higher than in the oceans). Thalassotherapy has an antiseptic, healing, and decongestant action and is indicated for the elimination of waste, toxins and drainage of excess fluid. Another fundamental factor is the remineralisation of skin that leads to a reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite, promotes skin resiliency, stimulates cellular turn-over and provides profound restorative action.
It is particularly indicated in cases of youthful acne, rosacea, skin rash, psoriasis, atopic and / or allergic dermatitis, vitiligo, asthma, muscular and osteo-articular pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and rheumatic diseases. In addition to these therapeutic indications, the path promotes body and mind relaxation and is suitable for those subjected to daily stress or who face moments of psycho-physical overload.

THE KNEIPP PATH – Therapeutic properties of water

The Kneipp path is based on hydrotherapy, which takes advantage of the healing power of water for the well-being of our body. This path consists of walking along the cobbled paths of the river immersed up to your knees, alternating short baths in warm water and cold water. It’s not just a rejuvenating walk between water and pebbles, but a true hydrotherapy treatment where the water temperature alternation is designed according to well-defined healing principles.
The Kneipp path is based on the benefits of hydrotherapy, which stimulates the circulatory and immune system.
It is ideal for the prevention of arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and vascular diseases.

  • The treatment starts with cold water immersion (20 °C) and ends in warm water (32 °C)
  • There are at least five consecutive steps
  • One hour break with a PK phytotherapy tisane
  • Five more consecutive steps are repeated
  • Lymphatic massage is recommended at the end of the complete procedure (to be booked separately and not included with entry to the Salt Cave)

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