432hz Quantum Sound Massage

Quantum Massage is a method of harmonising the physical body and the subtle bodies partly based on traditional energy harmonisation and partly on the use of sound. The sounds that are used during sessions are calibrated at a natural frequency of 432Hz, which is perfectly matched with human beings and the whole universe, as it is physically proportional to planetary motions, DNA molecules, vibratory chakra frequencies and corresponding subtle bodies.

432hz is the frequency of the universe, love, soul, and spirit because it can change our breathing and heartbeat, and can also induce deep relaxation and well-being through the massage.
Using resonance, your masseur will integrate all aspects of the self and bring original harmony back to your mind.

Medical SPA

Cutting-edge medicine and technology meet. Our specialist medical staff can advise on the best treatments for the prevention of diseases and organic and cerebral aging.

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Sensi Store

In the heart of Turin, a place where you can enjoy micro beauty treatments with the natural products from our SkinCare line, savouring the magical atmosphere of Relais San Maurizio.

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The beauty products of the SkinCare line, the innovative, dermo-functional Active Cosmetics line, beautiful and precious San Maurizio 1619 branded objects. Everything in a simple click.

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