therapies and treatments with the supervision of a specialist physician

The Wellness & Spa is an enchanting place of water and light, a bridge between the ancient wisdom of the monks and the future. From the Salt Cave overlooking the hills of the Langhe, where you can experience the vivifying virtues of the salt via Thalassotherapy, to the “DiVino” path dedicated to Vinotherapy, everything is about harmony, well-being, and deep balance.

The paths


The Salt Cave

The secret of the Salt Cave is found in a regenerating path where science and nature meet in the enchantment of an ancient cave carved into the sandstone.

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Poetry of the Earth

All the fragrances of the Langhe, the vineyards, the great wines on a path that involves your senses: an inimitable and unique place in the world.

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Light Awakening

Lightness and purity for soft and glowing skin. Starting with a Turkish bath before going to a delicate, natural salt and honey scrub.

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The Experiences

Discover the luxury, magic and emotion of unique and unforgettable experiences. Moments in contact with nature, pauses dedicated to the spirit to revitalise the body and regain energy and positivity.



Wine has a relaxing and soothing effect, while the grapes help in the purification of the body, in weight loss and generally help to shape your figure.

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The DAY SPA package is available to everyone and, in addition to our Wellness & Medical Spa path, you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to an aperitif on the large terrace overlooking the vineyards.

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Yoga recovery

The body is the temple of the spirit and mind. Yoga is an ancient discipline, and thanks to the practice of positions coupled with meditation and breathing techniques.

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Daily packages

Would you like to boost the results of daily packages? Discover the effects of nutraceuticals linked to our treatments.



Do you suffer from bloating, water retention and cellulite? Discover our “Draining” package for a day.
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Do you struggle to recover your energy levels after intense sports training? Relax your muscles with our “Decontracting” package for a day.
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Moisturizing body scrub

Do you want bright, elastic and toned skin? Revitalise your skin with our “Illuminating” package for a day.

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If you want to recharge your energy, why not try our exclusive Spa treatments. A relaxing break in Relais San Maurizio’s Wellness & Medical Spa to pamper yourself in a unique and timeless place.


Facial treatment with truffles

The truffle is a precious beauty ally: the magical tuber has qualities that not everyone knows about. Our facial treatment is based on the most valuable truffle: the white truffle of the Langhe.

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Massage in the vineyards

In the beautiful season, lulled by the wind from the sea and pampered by our staff, enjoy unforgettable moments and a relationship with the unique and real nature in the most enchanting silence.

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Dea Vite treatment

The body is a mirror to the soul and the soul feeds on sensations and emotions. In our treatments, we choose the essential oils we will use with the fresh fruits of our land.

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Monastery scrub

A gentle synergy of revitalising and detoxifying active ingredients combines with the moisturising and soothing properties of honey. A journey through aromas and essences of other times.

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Hazelnut scrub

The hazelnut, with its soft and delicious fragrance, will help you discover the local uniqueness of the well-known round and gentle fruit, leaving your skin hydrated and bright.

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Quantum Sound Massage

Quantum Massage is a method of harmonising the physical body and the subtle bodies partly based on traditional energy harmonisation and partly on the use of sound.

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Medical SPA

Cutting-edge medicine and technology meet. Our specialist medical staff can advise on the best treatments for the prevention of diseases and organic and cerebral aging.

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Sensi Store

In the heart of Turin, a place where you can enjoy micro beauty treatments with the natural products from our SkinCare line, savouring the magical atmosphere of Relais San Maurizio.

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The beauty products of the SkinCare line, the innovative, dermo-functional Active Cosmetics line, beautiful and precious San Maurizio 1619 branded objects. Everything in a simple click.

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Alessandra Grieco

Spa Manager