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    8 November 2017

    Our body speaks and tells us with precise signals (more or less visible imperfections) its distress. Our communication is 80% non-verbal. Our skin memorizes the shadows of our past. The epidermis which surrounds our body and nourishes our sensorial system, is a large organization of cells which, in addition to protecting us, they also record our past experiences and the subconscious emotions and reveal what we don’t want others to see; conflicts, denied needs, unresolved fears, emotional voids. Our face is the mirror to our soul and, for this reason, according to the meta-medicine or alternative medicine, eyelids become sagging when there is something we prefer not to see, the expression wrinkles are more visible on the forehead when we have difficulty in metabolizing the events, the deep ones are the imprints left of our life’s path. The epidermis represents the relationship between the inner and outside world. When the skin is thickened and opaque, it fades because it doesn’t want to communicate anymore. To get the necessary energy back, it is very useful to stay outdoor and train to perceive all the physical sensations produced by the contact between body and nature….what could be better than the silence of our park and the natural setting of the surrounding hills to practice yoga.

    Individual packet: 160 Euros, included yoga lesson, Spa entrance and light lunch. For groups 8 people or more: 115 Euros, included yoga lesson, Spa entrance and light lunch