Free radicals are “waste” products that form naturally within the cells of our body, when oxygen is used in metabolic processes to produce energy (oxidation). There is a balance in our body between the production and “disposal” of free radicals; the breakdown of this balance, called oxidative stress, can accelerate the physiological aging process and lead to the onset of many illnesses.

External (chemical and physical) and internal (biological) factors can all contribute to oxidative stress.

Modern medicine and technology can effectively diagnose and reduce this imbalance.

Thanks to a small blood sampling by our physician, it is possible to determine both the oxidative stress level (OS Index), and the relationship between antioxidant potential, oxidative potential and cholesterol (OBR Index) in less than five minutes.

The test is performed through the analysis of a blood sample, which you can do at our facility by booking an appointment.

…and once you’ve done the test?

Once we have determined the value of free radicals in the body, it is advisable to adjust the diet depending on the result obtained. For oxidative stress with an imbalance between free radical production and antioxidant power, we recommend that you follow a healthy and proper diet to reduce the factors that induce oxidative stress and to supplement the diet with antioxidant-rich substances where necessary.

To book an oxidative stress test, contact the Wellness & Medical Spa staff.


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