Health is the first duty of life



Prof. Giorgio Calabrese Ph.D. h.c.

Professor of Dietetic and Human Nutrition

Prof. Giorgio Calabrese has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and he is specialized in Food Science.
Moreover he holds the following positions:

  • President of the National Food Security Committee – Ministry of Health
  • University of Turin – Faculty of Medicine Specialization in Surgery – Molinette Hospital
  • University of Turin – Branch of Asti – Food technologies – Catering services
  • University of Eastern Piedmont – Alessandria


Dr. Sebastiano Risso

Medical Spa Medical Director
General medical practitioner


Dr. Simone Ribero



Manuel Turolla



Alessandra Grieco

Spa Manager

Medical SPA

The Relais San Maurizio Medical Spa is an innovative facility based on hydrotherapy and on a team of medical specialists assisted by scientific director, Dr. Giorgio Calabrese.
The goal of our facility is to cure and prevent diseases and organic and cerebral aging. The multidisciplinary medical expertise we offer includes branches of medicine such as internal medicine, aesthetic medicine, integrated biological medicine, medical hydrology, applied clinical posturology, cosmetic dermatology, medical dietology, neuro-auriculotherapy and finally nutrigenetics.

The Medical Spa is a facility that has a specialist physician as its fulcrum and combines complementary medical therapies and programs for pre- and anti-aging aesthetic medicine in unison with specific and personalised prevention-related tests.

The concept of wellness must be geared towards health care and lifestyle choices based on active disease prevention and the long-term promotion of well-being.

Discover more in this presentation: Why water?

Magic is in the water. The Romans were already aware of it, experts in taking advantage of the natural springs of hot water. They understood their healing properties.
The spa tubs derived from the ancient Cistercian caves are the memory of an educated past which ascribed to a healthy body the same value as spiritual well-being; this well-being reactivates together with blood circulation.


Oxidative stress

There is a balance in our body between the production and elimination of free radicals; the breakdown of this balance is called oxidative stress. How can we reduce it?

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DNA at the table: a series of genetic tests can help you set up a personalised lifestyle that is tailored to your needs to achieve a lasting state of health and well-being.

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A global diagnostic tool that is useful in many cases for motor and posture imbalances. A treatment for all those who need to realign their body.

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Carboxy therapy

A therapy that works against skin aging and improves the elasticity of tissues. A technique for fighting cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, swelling, delivering excellent results.

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Beautiful Shape

A therapeutic plan that envisions a journey with profound changes in nutritional and relational terms to discover and learn new equilibriums and new lifestyles.

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Body & Harmony

Discover the importance of correct posture. The body is a perfect machine, but if we use it incorrectly, we can create imbalances that can lead to pain and disturbances of varying degrees.

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Health & Fit

An analysis of body composition aimed at studying the nutritional function and your energy needs to define and set up a targeted workout or physical activity plan.

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Lighten Your Life

Prevent and combat cellular aging by offering your body natural resources and non-invasive treatments. A path to finding balance, beauty, and harmony.

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A magical and timeless place. The healing powers of the water kept in the ancient Salt Cave, Vinotherapy, treatments in contact with the generous nature of the Langhe. Unique moments that offer deep relaxation and well-being.

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Sensi Store

In the heart of Turin, a place where you can enjoy micro beauty treatments with the natural products from our SkinCare line, savouring the magical atmosphere of Relais San Maurizio.

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The beauty products of the SkinCare line, the innovative, dermo-functional Active Cosmetics line, beautiful and precious San Maurizio 1619 branded objects. Everything in a simple click.

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